Client Magnet Mastermind - Platinum Membership

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1) Immediate access to seven 90-minute webinars giving you what you need to know about the key areas most coaches struggle ($4500 value):

Webinar #1: How To Nail Your Niche
Webinar #2: How To Answer "What Do You Do?"
Webinar #3: How To Package Your Programs
Webinar #4: How To Have Sexy Sales Conversations
Webinar #5: How To Captivate An Audience
Webinar #6: How To Crush Your Complimentary Consultation
Webinar #7: How To Build A Tribe of Raving Fans
(Bonus) Webinar #8: How To Fall In Love With Selling
(Bonus) Webinar #9: How To Get Raving Client Success Stories

2) You will also have immediate access to 20+ step-by-step templates that walk you through the steps in becoming a powerful client magnet ($300 value)

3) Access to our members-only Facebook group where you will receive ongoing support and accountability ($50 value)

4) Access to our Team of Experts...

  • Ten private 45-minute sessions with an Accountability Coach ($3000 value)
  • Two private 30-minute sessions with Frank ($500 value)
  • Two private 30-minute sessions with a Creative Marketing Consultant ($500 value)
  • One private 60-minute sessions with a Branding Strategist ($500 value)
  • One private 60-minute session with a Tax Accountant ($500 value)