Namasgay Summit

When: October 12-14, 2018
Where: The Excelsior (1535 Bellevue Ave, Seattle)

What is it?

    The Namasgay Summit is a transformational and fun experience for purpose-driven LGBTQ leaders wanting to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. This three-day event is a great opportunity to make new, life-long connections while learning about who you are and why you are here.

    The Summit is for you if...

    • You have a big mission you feel called to share with the world
    • You are committed to growing personally and spiritually
    • You want to understand your purpose on a deeper level
    • You want to manifest greater love, prosperity and joy into your life
    • You seek to expand your spiritual awareness and leadership capacity
    • You want to create meaningful connections with a mindful, inspiring community

      What past attendees are saying...

      When is it?

      (Note: Attendance is required for the duration of the entire event.) 

      Date  Time
      Oct 12 - Friday  4pm - 7pm
      Oct 13 - Saturday 9am - 6pm
      Oct 14 - Sunday 9am - 6pm

      What is on the agenda?

      By the end of the Summit, you will walk away with:

      • An inspiring, simple guide to knowing your life's purpose
      • The courage to put down the "mask" and be vulnerable (while still having fun)
      • The secrets to manifesting financial prosperity and abundance through spiritual practice
      • A flow of love and guidance supporting you in living the life you want
      • Mastery of the "7 Keys to Conscious Leadership", Namasgay's signature system for personal and spiritual development
      • A community of new, meaningful connections in the LGBTQ+ community
      • ... and much more!

      This is not your typical workshop where you are overloaded with information. We encourage sharing, and you will have many opportunities to connect with the attendees and speakers.

      How much is tuition?

      Ticket Type Date Ending Admission You Save
      Early Bird July 11, 2018 $399 $200
      Regular September 11, 2018 $499 $100
      Last-Minute October 11, 2018 $599 $0

      (Note: A ticket does not include airfare, transportation to/from the venue, food or accommodations.)


      Scholarships are available! Click here to apply.


      Are there scholarship options?

      Yes! Click here to apply for a scholarship.

      Do I need to be of a certain faith background to attend?

      We welcome attendees of all faith and non-faith backgrounds. While we do not condemn religion, many of our past participants have found it challenging to feel included and embraced in traditional religious settings and doctrines. We encourage people to attend the if they are interested in exploring and expanding their spirituality, no matter where they are in their journey.

      Is attendance required all three days?

      Yes, and we highly recommend attendees stay until the end so they get the most value from the weekend.

      Do I get a discount for bringing a friend and/or family member?

      Yes! The Summit is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with a close friend or partner. You can also use the discount code "PLUSONE" to save 50% off your partner or friend's tuition.

      Is the Summit for singles only?

      No, the event is not exclusive to singles. We have had many couples attend and say that the Summit helped deepen their love and appreciation for their partners. With that said, if you are single, you just may find a new soulmate. :)

      Can an Ally (straight person supportive of the LGBTQ community) attend?

      Yes! The presenters are all LGBTQ+, so the stories and content shared will be through the lens of an LGBTQ+ person. However, the principles and themes are applicable to all. We welcome Allies to join us.

      What if I'm an introvert and don't do well in groups?

      Some of our presenters are introverts too, so you are in good company! It's normal to feel nervous and excited when you are surrounding yourself with new people. You can count on a warm welcome from our team, starting when you first check-in. Throughout the weekend, we’ll be doing some introvert-friendly exercises so you’ll get comfortable and connected with people even if you are shy. Some past introverts who have attended said they were surprised by how welcomed they felt and how easy it was for them to connect with the other attendees.

      What is the refund policy?

      Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. However, if after attending the entire Summit you did not get what you were hoping for, we will offer a full refund for your ticket. If in the unusual circumstance you can no longer attend the summit, your ticket can be used as a credit for future events or merchandise.

      What happens after I buy a ticket?

      Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive e-mail confirmation with Summit details, and you will complete a short registration form. If you are not receiving Namasgay emails, please contact our team at

      Can I sponsor the Summit or donate something for the attendees?

      For inquiry about sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail support[at]


      For all other questions, please e-mail support[at]