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October 11-13, 2019 | Seattle, WA

What is the Namasgay Summit?

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The Venue

Seattle Maritime Academy | Seattle, WA

The Agenda

Friday, 4pm-7pm

- A simple, powerful guide to identifying your life's purpose and experiencing lasting joy

- How to find your voice and share yourself freely (even when society makes it feel impossible)

- How to show up as the most heroic and magnetic version of yourself

- The most important (but often overlooked) step to overcoming self-doubts and fears

Saturday, 10am-6pm

- The 3 biggest mistakes spiritual people  make that detract financial abundance (and how to avoid them)

- The seven "Spiritual Archetypes" that determine success (and the one you most resonate with)

- How to recognize your power as an LGBTQ leader so you can inspire others

- How to fully express and accept your divine masculine and feminine self

Sunday, 10am-6pm

- A playful guide to being vulnerable and fully expressing who you are (without it being scary)

- The spiritual blindspots even the most successful LGBTQ have when it comes to finding and keeping love

- How to boldly stay in your power and let your light fully shine (even when you are judged by others)

- How to radiate attractiveness and experience deeper connection (no matter your age or appearance)

What Past Attendees Are Saying

As someone coming out later in life, it was challenging to find a group I could identify with, share openly and be vulnerable. When I first showed up at the Summit, I entered the room with a lot of apprehension and heaviness. By the end of the first day, everyone felt comfortable enough to shed the masks we were carrying and be true to ourselves. The Summit helped me recognize who I am and what I can offer to the world. Also, I made friends that I know will last a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vijay S.

Initially, I had some resistance about attending the Summit because I wasn't sure I would meet others I could connect with. Instead, I found I was surrounded by amazing people from many walks of life. The openness and authenticity expressed by the group was nothing short of beautiful. I most appreciated having the freedom to show up as my authentic self with all my imperfections, questions, pain and joy. I felt welcome and embraced. I've already invited six friends to join the next Summit!

Scott N.

As a women who didn’t come out until her late 40’s, it was difficult for me to feel comfortable being gay. For decades, I would hide parts of myself to fit in and be accepted by others. I also felt disconnected from the LGBTQ community. My partner and I decided to attend the Namasgay Summit to see if this could change. Through attending, I found the confidence to be the “real” me. On top of that, I now feel connected to wonderful LGBTQ individuals. I appreciated Frank’s enthusiasm and am so grateful I could attend.

Sue B.

Even though I sometimes feel nervous before trying something new, I decided to sign-up for the Namasgay Summit… and I'm so grateful I did! My self-confidence and trust in myself has gone through the roof since attending, and I am looking forward to a continued growing and deepening relationships with my new Namasgay brothers and sisters. I no longer feel like I need to apologize for being myself, and that is strengthened with my beautiful new, lifelong Namasgay family, whom I love dearly. I appreciated the rawness and honesty we shared with one another through the creative activities. Frank is a tremendous leader!

Gari L.

I am filled with the divine light of live. I am so grateful for this amazing weekend. I expanded not only my mind, but my heart, my soul and my circle of friends. I am grateful for the lifelong friendships, for centeredness and for personal growth. The Universe has brought together some truly inspiring people in my life this weekend, and has brought amazing revelations and insights I never dreamed were possible. Thank you.

Joey S.

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